Ad Format – Content

Engaging storytelling

Package your advertising message as a captivating story and use our premium brands and target groups in order to reach your target audience.

Content is King!

Create a captivating story for your brand and bring the story of your product or service to life with content marketing. Featured in the premium environment of our brands and target groups, you reach your target group with pinpoint accuracy and engage them further with added content value. This not only increases your visibility, but also loyalty for your brand.

Whether you simply want to show your own content using our channels or if you want to take advantage of our comprehensive no-worries package including content creation, we are happy to advise you on our various content formats.

Sponsored Content

With your input, our storytelling professionals draw up a gripping storyline, research facts and background information and then produce content aimed at your specific target group according to the highest journalistic standards. Your story can be enhanced with video or audio content, infographics or gamification.

We then roll out your sponsored content campaign across our high-reach premium channels and promote it via teasers and social media ads. You are guaranteed a certain number of engagements, meaning you can be absolutely sure that the sponsored content actually reaches your target group.

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Promoted Content

Are you a content professional yourself and just need credible, high-reach outlets to communicate your story to your target audience? No problem.

We distribute your content across our premium brands and target groups, ensuring your story gets the reach it deserves. And if you still need help with content creation, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with a freelancer who can do the copywriting for you.

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Tease content with Yaleo Collect

Do you produce a lot of content as part of your content marketing strategy and want to promote it regularly with as little effort as possible? That’s exactly why we developed Yaleo Collect.

This tool automatically collects images and text from your website, creates a native ad and teases your content within the Yaleo network on over 170 trusted websites. This enables you to easily increase the traffic on your website.

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Yaleo Story

More than just an interactive advertising format - it's an invitation to animate your brand and convey your message in a distinctive and immersive manner. With interactive features and user-friendly navigation, Yaleo Story empowers your potential customers to delve deeper into your brand and craft unique experiences. Offering a spectrum from visual narratives to interactive videos, it provides a plethora of options to captivate your target audience and enhance your conversion rate. Simply provide us with your image, text, and video materials. Experience the added value and explore a realm of innovation, modernity, and sustainability!

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Native-Ad Extension in Newsletters

With emvoy, Switzerland's first newsletter advertising network, you can now extend your native ad campaigns and benefit from the high-quality environment of newsletters. With this innovative product, you can distribute your campaigns across over 46 newsletters simultaneously in all three national languages. Newsletter offerings from premium publishers, which inform recipients about current events or focus on specific topics, hold significant value for the readers. The above-average click rates on article teasers confirm this. Leverage this thematic relevance as a conversion booster for your campaign!


Content Production

NZZ Content Creation is a master in the entire repertoire of multimedia content production and supports you from the conception phase to the publication of your content. It creates a gripping storyline for you, researches content according to the usual NZZ quality standards and translates your story into text, images, video and audio formats that are suitable for your target groups. Let the storytelling professionals at NZZ Content Creation tailor your story and position your brand in just the right light.