Ad Format – Video

The trick is in moving images

Moving images attract everyone’s attention. Take advantage of this trick and discover our video ad formats.

Instream Video

Our instream video formats guarantee full attention – placed over the top of the video content, all eyes are on you and your advertisement. This format can only be closed after a few seconds.

Ad Specifications

Infeed Video

Place your OutStream moving image campaign in the middle of the content and achieve maximum viewability. With the in-feed video format, your video starts as soon as it becomes visible to the user and is therefore optimally embedded into the reading flow.

Ad Specifications

Branding Page Video

Feature our branding page to capture even more attention with your video content. This placement is large format and covers the entire width of the screen, meaning that your moving image is displayed to its full potential and you can trust in the lasting impact of your advertisement.

Ad SpecificationsPreview


Place your video advertising message in the header of our premium websites and win over our readers. The video head format is fixed, so it stays visible even while scrolling.

Ad Specifications

Ad Production

We provide you with support when producing your ads and find an individual solution so that your online advertising campaigns are displayed to their full potential in desktop or mobile view.

Regardless of the format you choose, we take special care when producing your ads to ensure that your campaign is tailored to the environment of our premium websites and therefore has maximum advertising impact. This ensures that your advertising attracts the attention of the target groups and leaves a lasting impression.