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With audienzz as your marketer, you benefit not only from our broad network of clients and agencies, but also from our technological expertise. Our ad concept structures the ad placements on your site and simultaneously links them to several SSPs using header bidding. This enables you to optimally monetise an ad space. We also offer you various innovative tools and services and guarantee absolute transparency.



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Our ad concept:
how ad placement
works today

Our ad concept for desktop and mobile versions structures the ad placements on your website and is constantly being further developed and new placements added. It not only ensures that you can optimally monetise your ad space, but also provides a positive experience for users. The results of a Study conducted by us prove that advertising in a premium environment – i.e. with a clean website design – not only garners more attention, but is perceived more positively overall.

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Boost advertising sales with header bidding

From a publisher’s point of view, header bidding, i.e. the automatic trading of digital advertising space, is one of the most important technical developments in programmatic advertising. It allows you to get the most out of your advertising sales. audienzz is the only marketer in Switzerland that can offer your digital advertising inventory across several marketplaces as well as the SSPs of Xandr, Google, Amazon and Index Exchange. The advantage for you is that your advertising space is no longer allocated according to the waterfall model and the number of bidding offers increases. This means you can increase your advertising sales without having to do anything.

Ad tools and services for maximum transparency

audienzz offers you a comprehensive range of services and various tools that give you a head start as a publisher. You are given access to adconsole, meaning you are informed about all your current advertising campaigns in a transparent way and have an innovative and attractive ad management tool at your disposal.

Ad Tools & Services

The Yaleo Feed - because under the article is not over yet

The Yaleo Feed has it all: embedded below the article, it offers space for teasers to other articles as well as additional advertising space. For you as a publisher, this has the following advantages: On the one hand, you increase the engagement of your readers thanks to additional exciting content and keep them on your site longer, on the other hand, you massively increase your advertising revenue potential. The design of the Yaleo Feed is optimized for desktop and mobile and you can compose it according to your own wishes from different widgets.