Ad Format – Display

In the field of vision of the target group

Learn about our diverse display formats for desktop and mobile.

Infeed Scroller

Your ad to break up the flow of reading – this can be done using the infeed scroller ad. Your ad is guaranteed to grab the reader’s attention thanks to the parallax effect. We can even provide evidence for the high levels of attention and the positive impressions made by the infeed formats with a study.

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If you want a big stage for your advertising message, the wide board is the right format for you. This format is dynamic and spans across the entire width of the screen, meaning your ad is guaranteed to be seen.

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Wideboard XL

As we all know, bigger is better. If you want an even bigger stage, book wide board XL. This format is twice the size of the wide board, meaning you’ll attract twice as much attention.

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The half-page ad is one of the most popular advertising formats – and for good reason. It is successful both in desktop and mobile versions with large-scale integration, is fixed and therefore provides gives your ad particularly high visibility.

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Sitebar Ad

The sitebar ad adapts dynamically and uses all the visible free space of the desktop page. Large format and fixed, it leaves a lasting impression.

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The mobile rectangle is integrated in the middle of the editorial environment. You place your message in a compact and unmissable format using an image or carousel.

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Even on the smallest screens, the mobile Ricchi format has an impact. It is embedded in the content and, thanks to the parallax effect, stretches across the entire screen when scrolling.

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Ad Production

We provide you with support when producing your ads and find an individual solution so that your online advertising campaigns are displayed to their full potential in desktop or mobile view.

Regardless of the format you choose, we take special care when producing your ads to ensure that your campaign is tailored to the environment of our premium websites and therefore has maximum advertising impact. This ensures that your advertising attracts the attention of the target groups and leaves a lasting impression.