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We set the scene for your message

Whether it’s branding, display, video, content or native performance, we offer the entire spectrum of digital advertising formats and continuously develop them further.


Our branding formats focus all the attention on your brand and use all the advertising power of our premium environment. Secure our exclusive large-scale advertising placements to make your campaign stand out in either image or video format and achieve maximum visibility. Did you know? Our Branding Wall scored particularly well in a study on the level of attention paid to advertisements.

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The entire range of display placements is made available to you in desktop or mobile format and we are constantly developing these placements further. For example, are you familiar with our in-feed placement? Use our premium environments with nationwide coverage as well as specific targeting options to address your target groups with pinpoint accuracy.

Display Formats


Attract maximum attention with video ads and communicate your advertising message with even more emotion thanks to moving images. Used extensively as a branding page video or video head, embedded in editorial content as an infeed video or instream in the moving image content of our premium websites, you are guaranteed to be seen.

Video Formats


Package your advertising message as a captivating story and use our trusted and wide-reaching brands and target groups in order to reach your target audience. We provide you with support when creating content and telling your brand’s story in an entertaining way – using the spoken or written word, as video or audio productions and supported by infographics or gamification. Make your product or service come alive with the help of a content campaign.

Content Formats

Native Performance

Native ads are image/text ads embedded in editorial content that dynamically adapt to the environment of the website on which they are displayed. Whether you want to advertise your online store or promote your blog posts, you can generate attention and traffic with native ads in our Yaleo network. Billing is calculated easily based on the number of clicks generated (CPC).

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