Brands & Target Groups

Reach your target groups

Over 360 premium websites in specific subject areas are covered in all three national languages, enabling you to address your target group with pinpoint accuracy.

Focus on your
target groups

We market over 360 premium websites throughout Switzerland, covering both all language regions and a wide variety of subject areas.

Are you aiming for maximum reach or targeting a specific target group? With our brands and target groups, you can define your target groups individually and narrow these down to reach them without wasted coverage. We guarantee optimum advertising impact.

Brands Overview




Define your target groups individually

We offer you the option of displaying your advertising according to various criteria depending on the aim of your campaign: Choose between media brands, topic-specific Alliance packages or individually defined user targeting – or use a combined approach to maximise the impact of your advertising.

User Targeting


For your message to be fully effective, it must reach the right target groups.

Our target groups cover premium news, finance, family, style and B2B – or your individually determined target group – enabling you to address customers with pinpoint accuracy according to the topics they are interested in.

Reach regional target groups

We have offices in all parts of Switzerland and market various premium websites with a regional focus in German-, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland. Our regional advertising networks bundle the most significant premium websites and allow us to address target groups on an area-by-area basis.

Central Switzerland

Das Zentralschweiz-Werbenetzwerk umfasst die wichtigsten Premium Websites der Innerschweiz.


Northwestern Switzerland

The Northwestern Switzerland advertising network includes the most significant premium websites in the cantons of Basel and Basel-Landschaft.


Eastern Switzerland

The Eastern Switzerland advertising network includes the most significant premium websites in the cantons of Schaffhausen, St. Gallen and Grisons and in Liechtenstein.



The information portals and the online version of Corriere del Ticino,, are among the best ways to conduct online campaigns in Ticino. The platform is also part of the Ticino network.


Western Switzerland

The,, and portals are some of the best ways to conduct online campaigns in Western Switzerland.