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We offer a comprehensive range of tools and services. Benefit from our technical expertise and let us advise you on our wide range of services.


Campaign handling and monitoring made easy – with adconsole, audienzz sets new standards in transparency for online and print advertising. The interactive portal provides you with a comprehensive overview of all ongoing, future and completed campaigns, offers in-depth data insights and allows you to monitor campaigns in real time.

Yaleo Collect

With Yaleo Collect, we have developed a tool that takes images and text from your website and creates a native ad from them (almost) entirely automatically. This is then sent to over 170 premium websites from the Yaleo network. Yaleo Collect is of particular interest to clients who have a comprehensive content marketing strategy and want to distribute a variety of content or want to boost their e-commerce sales. Yaleo Collect reduces your operational overhead costs and directs traffic to your site with native ads placed in a premium environment.

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How does contextual targeting work?

With adconsole, we can easily create keyword lists according to your individual requirements and narrow down subject areas such as mobility, health or prevention. To ensure that your ads can be displayed in context, our specially developed crawler indexes the editorial environments of our premium websites and searches them for the defined keywords. Your campaign will then be displayed in real time surrounding articles that match the keywords. We work entirely without third-party cookies.

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zulu5 scans the digital advertising landscape to identify which brands are advertising where and with which message. The data flows into the zulu dashboard in real time to help users identify new campaigns and access information about relevant market trends exactly when they need them.

Data Intelligence

audienzz has self-developed a data management platform (DMP) that collects and aggregates socio-demographic and usage-specific data. The target group segments derived from this form the foundation of our data-based advertising marketing and enable advertisers to aim campaigns directly at their target groups.


We cast a light on the darkness. Forget about murky margins, hidden extra costs and overpriced consulting. With us, you get programmatic advertising that is based on facts and is aimed at performance, quality and transparency. We have the expertise, the technology and the data to get the most out of your digital media budget. As a boutique programmatic agency, we are flexible and develop solutions that are individually tailored to you and your needs.

Ad Production

We provide you with support when producing your ads and find an individual solution so that your online advertising campaigns are displayed to their full potential in desktop or mobile view.

Regardless of the format you choose, we take special care when producing your ads to ensure that your campaign is tailored to the environment of our premium websites and therefore has maximum advertising impact. This ensures that your advertising attracts the attention of the target groups and leaves a lasting impression.

Content Production

NZZ Content Creation is a master in the entire repertoire of multimedia content production and supports you from the conception phase to the publication of your content. It creates a gripping storyline for you, researches content according to the usual NZZ quality standards and translates your story into text, images, video and audio formats that are suitable for your target groups. Let the storytelling professionals at NZZ Content Creation tailor your story and position your brand in just the right light.