Specifications Native-Ad (Business Click)

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Image format
640 x 360 pixels (16:9) + 500 x 500 pixels (1:1) / max. 60 KB
Static, not animated, logos and text in the image not allowed.
Images can be slightly cropped

Video format
MP4 or GIF
16:9 / 1:1 (please deliver both sizes)
max. 4 MB per video
Spot length: Recommended approx. 10 seconds, max. 30 seconds
Avoid logos and text in the video


Max. 25 characters incl. spaces

Title 2

Max. 40 characters incl. spaces

Used on websites that display image and title only, without text and CTA.


Max. 70 characters incl. spaces


Max. 20 characters incl. spaces


Impression pixel and click tracker possible

Number of subjects

Max. 5 subjects (per position/language)


At least 3 working days before campaign start to [email protected].
Please note audienzz order number.

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Click price

CHF 2.50

Click price (1.10.22 until 31.12.22)

CHF 3.00